Beautiful baking soda!


Baking soda is such a versatile and essential ingredient for your DIY adventures that I thought I would start by paying homage to it with my first post. Created by carbonating soda ash dissolved in water, this simple, benign salt is safe enough to eat! Not to many readily accessible, and super cheap. Because a simple google search will yield many a page listing the never ending uses for this ingredient, I have decided to list my top five.

1). As the main active ingredient in my homemade toothpaste! I cannot go back to conventional toothpaste after using baking soda. My friends always comment on how shiny white my teeth are, my mouth feels unbelievably fresh – and I am no longer ingesting the harmful, unnecessary ingredients in most storebought toothpaste. Even many of the “natural” alternatives turn out to be not that natural. Toothpaste win!

2). In combination with vinegar as an emergency carpet / upholstery cleaner. Cat barf on the sofa? Get off the bulk, Shake on some straight baking soda, let it sit, spray on some vinegar, rub with a brush, and then remove any residue with a wet cloth. Stain be gone! CAUTION: Spot test – some materials will whiten with the use of baking soda.

3). In my homemade deodorant! Wow, does baking soda pack some stank fighting power. My hubby has been known to be BO free even after a few days – with just one application!

4). As a main ingredient in a super gentle laundry detergent for sensitive skin! Love those baby bums and bellies while still combatting poopy diapers and spit up soaked clothes with the powers of baking soda!

5). A stinky shoe deodorizer! Shake a good amount of baking soda in your hubby’s workboots or your son’s hockey skates to kill that odor without any of the nasty chemicals in things like febreeze.

Oh baking soda, how I love thee. Grab some quick before you start your DIY journey – you’re gonna need it!

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