Cream of tartar for cleaning?!


So a friend recently made me aware of the cleaning powers of cream of tartar, so when I came across a very stubborn eggy (stainless steel) pan that the dishwasher didn’t clean, I decided to try it out!

All I did was dust the surface of the pan lightly with cream of tartar, added a bit of water, let it soak for a about 15 minutes, came back and scrubbed with a scrubby sponge. The pan looked as clean as it had looked EVER. Like even better than brand new. Have any pots or pans with ‘stains’ on them, or a stubborn stuck on mess to clean? Try EDIBLE cream of tartar to clean those pots and pans better than any commercial cleaner could do. I wish I had taken a before picture of the pan……but I must admit I wasn’t counting on it working as well as it did!

Hooray for cream of tartar!

2 thoughts on “Cream of tartar for cleaning?!

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