Cleaning your mirrors

I often get asked how I clean my mirrors and windows without leaving streaks or using harsh chemicals / alcohol based cleaners. Back in my ‘chemical days’, I never had much luck with Windex – I found this left extreme streaks, no matter how much or little I tried to use. I couldn’t understand how this was such a popular product, as it never seemed to work for me!

Well, in my natural cleaning days, I started to use two tools to clean my mirror – my All Purpose Vinegar Spray – which is basically just half water, half vinegar, with some tea tree if desired – and a great window cleaning micro fibre cloth, like this one:


These cloths are AMAZING – you can even use them with straight water, but I find the vinegar solution gives it an edge. There is something about the weave on these particular cloths that make them work so well. I can’t vouch for all mirror cleaning cloths, only these in particular! They are super durable. I also use them to shine up my faucets! You can buy one here – I also have them available for purchase at my DIY parties.

And there you have it – mirror and window cleaning without chemicals! Gotta love it 🙂

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