Homemade dish soap!


So it’s time for me to share another coveted recipe with you – this one is a tiny bit trickier, but not by much! One of the last products I replaced in my kitchen was my dish soap. This one is as sudsy as you are going to get! It is really tricky to come by a recipe that has long lasting suds like commercial soaps – and do you know why that is? Because some of the most harmful and toxic ingredients in commercial dish soap are SURFACTANTS, or those ingredients which act as foaming agents to give that sudsy effect to your dish soap. So when we eliminate these from our natural home made products, we just aren’t going to get the same amount of suds. And you know what? It doesn’t matter! Your dishes will get just as clean (if not more so, in my opinion) with this easy recipe, and you won’t have to worry about any carcinogens on your skin (despite many claims of soaps being “gentle”).

In a large mason jar, mix:

1 part soap flakes
1 part liquid castille soap
1/4 part washing soda

UPDATED 01/25/14 Add 5 parts boiling water and mix until ingredients dissolve into a clear liquid*. If you mix things with cool water, you will just get something kind of clumpy; the ingredients will not be as well distributed. Allow to cool – finished product will be whitish and may be somewhat thick.

This was one of the toughest to arrive at, but most rewarding recipes I hade made. This dish soap works wonders. Your dishes will be even squeakier clean (and I highly recommend this step) if you finish with a rinse in a sink full of water with a small amount of vinegar added to neutralize and strip the soap. Especially useful if washing plastics, as I find grease sticks to them more than other things! Do NOT add the vinegar to your washing sink, or your soap will flip flop into something non-soapy.

This mixture tends to congeal over time, so every now and again you may want to add a touch of hot water and re-mix. However, doing this too often will cut down on the effectiveness. Because of this, I just I scoop a bit out with my finger and swish vigorously into the sink under running water, rather than using a traditional squeeze bottle. A little goes a long way!

*This is what your dishsoap will look like before it cools:


5 thoughts on “Homemade dish soap!

  1. Soap Flakes? I’ve not heard of soap flakes. Where do you get those? Also, this sounds like the same recipe ive seen for laundry soap. thanks

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for asking. Check out the “In Your Cupboard” link at the top of my page (https://diyjayne.wordpress.com/in-your-cupboard/) for some links to where to purchase particular products, including the soap flakes. Soap flakes are basically just finely ground up basic soap, with no fragrance or anything added.

      And yes, this may look similar to a laundry soap recipe you’ve seen! A lot of homemade cleaning products use very similar ingredients (which is actually something I really enjoy – makes everything simpler) and sometimes different ratios are the only difference between one and the other! It’s even possible the same recipe exists somewhere and someone is calling it laundry soap, as I imagine this would work pretty well in that context as well. My personal recipe for laundry soap is quite different (and is a powdered version), however, check it out here:


      If you try it out, let me know how this recipe works for you! Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Actually, now that i re read this. Ive not heard of any of these items listed. Could you please tell me where to get these items? Thanks

    • Hi again Tina – if you are local (in the Greater Vancouver area), “The Soap Dispensary” on Main st in Vancouver has pretty much anything that I will list on here. Otherwise, some online sources are “Well.ca”, and “New Directions Aromatics.” You can google any of these and they should pop up right away :). Check out your local natural / health foods store as well. Hope that helps!

  3. To make soap flakes, simply cut up a bar of soap, and cook it in the microwave. do only a few chunks at a time, as will fluff up, and you also need to watch it so it doesnt burn. it will make your house stink like soap, so get a fragrance you like. Try Amazon.com for the flakes, if you dont want to cook the soap in your microwave, or use your food processor to grind it up. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Castile Soap can be found on Amazon.com and shipped directly to you.
    Washing powder can be found at Walmart at the end of the laundry supplies isle. Walmart now ships when you shop online, for your convenience.

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