Aloe vera for burns!


Do you have an aloe vera plant kicking around the house? If not, maybe you should! They are SUPER easy to take care for, cheap to initially purchase, and they grow quickly. They are nice looking, and don’t require a ton of light. And best of all, they have some amazing therapeutic qualities! I’m going to focus in on one particular quick use today: burns. Yeeooowch!

If you find yourself scalded, simply cut off some of your plant (they are very resilient), open it up with a knife so the gelatinous inside is exposed, and apply it to the burn. It is amazingly soothing, pretty much instant relief. Keep it there for a few hours if necessary – you can keep it in place with medical tape. If you follow along with my info graphic, you can make your very own aloe band-aid in minutes! If it’s not staying in with the elastic, wrap an actual band-aid around it ;).

You can also treat sunburns this way – again, cut open a leaf, but this time just rub the gel from the inside all over the affected area and let dry. It is a bit sticky, but will speed up your recovery and soothe the area. Reapply as often as you need!

And there you have it! Stay tuned for more quick tips like this one 🙂

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