Yo, “No ‘poo” haters – Ummm, actually I DO wash my hair.

Hey, lovely readers! I have just been so flabbergasted at the recent media uproar about No ‘poo users that I really felt I had to chip in my own 2 cents on the issue. As you may know, I posted on my own use of No ‘poo a while back HERE. So rather than explain how it works again, I am just going to have a mini rant, if that is okay with you. Okay? Okay.

One of the most common erroneous perceptions that I see floating around, is that no ‘poo users don’t wash their hair. Ummm, what? I can’t really understand how this misconception came about. We are not telling people not to shower, we are just using a DIFFERENT METHOD for cleaning our hair. Our hair is still getting clean, we just clean it a different way – a way that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals, fragrances, and toxic ingredients. And did I mention it’s cheap, too? And that it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, so that you don’t have to use other products to then make your hair soft and silky again after washing it? It stays soft and silky on its own, thanks – no conditioner for me!

And does anyone’s hair actually feel great with all of the product in it that you need after regular shampoo use? I know when I used to use hair spray, mousse, gel, wax and the like, my hair felt like crap. Crap. And it looked like crap, too. With no ‘poo, you are cleaning your hair GENTLY without the use of harsh surfactants and toxic fragrances. I don’t need suds to clean my hair. I don’t need suds to clean my dishes, either – and they are spotless and germ free.

Okay, so my hair might not smell like Mountain Mist or Athena’s Armpit or whatever after I am finished, you’ve got me there. It just smells like, well, hair. Just like my clothes (washed in natural detergent) smell like, ummmmm……clothes. Why do we need to be dancing in roses and splashing ourselves with rainbow dust every day? I don’t need to smell like the perfume department at The Bay to be clean. Sometimes clean is just the absence of stank, not the addition of perfume.

Have an issue with that? Fine. I also have an issue with your fragrance overload. Myself and my son find ourselves sneezing and coughing when we walk by some beauty queen doused in Chanel. Or some dude who sprayed on the Axe a little too heavy that morning. Yikes. I find that repulsive.

Let’s all congratulate those who are choosing to live toxin free, and not stretch the facts. And if even you choose to just wash your hair using only nature’s cleaner, water, that’s perfectly fine too! I find plain ol’ water to be pretty darn effective at cleaning my hair if my no ‘poo bottles are empty. Because we choose a different method for washing, doesn’t mean we aren’t washing, or are unclean. Shampoo isn’t the only way to clean your hair! If you like it, great. But keep your nose out of my business, literally. If you need artificial fragrance to tell you something is clean, maybe your nose needs a check-up!

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