Quick hand soap and body wash!


I figured I would K.I.S.S. this Friday afternoon for you 😉 with my hand soap and body wash “recipe” – it is so simple I feel guilty even calling it a recipe.

I stopped buying “hand soap” and body / baby wash ages ago when I discovered Dr. Bronner’s liquid castille soap, and NEVER looked back! So much plastic waste is created when buying those individual plastic bottles for liquid hand soap and body wash (it seems you just can’t avoid that if you are buying the pre-made product)! Instead I refill my Dr. Bronner’s bottles at The Soap Dispensary, (they also refill the vegetable glycerin) and use this simple recipe for both my hand soap AND body wash:

In a pump dispenser or squeeze bottle, add & mix:

2 parts liquid castille soap
1 part vegetable glycerin
12 parts water

These ratios are approximate – I just eyeball it when filling up my soap containers. You can even add this recipe to one of those “foam soap dispensers” that foams your soap for you, and it will froth up nicely. If you use a regular dispenser, don’t be discouraged by the “wateriness” of this recipe – it still foams up really well when you rub your hands together, AND you don’t have to wet your hands before applying it! Plus, the glycerin makes this soap non-drying. None of our family members (a few of whom have sensitive skin) have ever had a problem with this soap being too harsh on the skin – I even used it on my son when he was an infant as his “baby wash” (using the baby mild unscented version).

I use the lavender or tea tree infused castille soap for my hands, and the “baby mild” unscented version for body wash / baby wash. I actually prefer this recipe to regular storebought hand soap or body wash, as it rinses off super easily and cleanly. Especially for those of you with soft water – it can be a pain washing some of those commercial soaps off, especially from squirmy toddler hands!!

With the essential oil infused soaps, your hands can have a lovely scent without the harsh fragrances from many popular brands of hand soap. And one of the big Dr. Bronner’s bottles goes a LONG way when you are using such a small amount for each of your soap dispensers, so you will save money too!

Hope you enjoy this quick trick!

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