De-greasing spray cleaner


Have a tough, greasy mess that your all purpose vinegar cleaner can’t handle? STOP! Don’t turn to those harsh, toxic chemicals like CLR! Your mess is no match for this simple recipe. First, mix together in a glass or metal bowl:

10 parts boiling water AND
1/3 part washing soda

Next, add:

2 parts liquid castille soap (I prefer Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree for this recipe) AND
10 more parts boiling water

Mix everything thoroughly, in that order only, or you will have some interesting effects come up :). Suggested measures: 1 tsp for 1/3 part, 1 tbsp for a part. A 1/2 cup measure can be used as 8 parts – useful for your water so you don’t have to measure as much out. For ten parts of water that would be 1/2 cup + 2 tbsp.

Let your water cool down for about 30 minutes before funnelling into a plastic bottle – you don’t want the plastic melting into your spray mix. If you are using a glass or metal bottle, you can pour it in right away!

After use, you may find it helpful to spray down and “rinse” the surface with your all purpose vinegar spray cleaner. Sodas and soaps are tough de-greasers, but they can leave a slippery residue if not neutralized with vinegar afterwards!

If you find your mixture gets gelatinous over time, squeeze it back out of your container and add a few more parts boiling water. Adjust this amount of water into your recipe for your next new batch!

Let me know how this cleaner helps you with your icky sticky kitchen messes!

4 thoughts on “De-greasing spray cleaner

    • Absolutely! I love my vinegar spray cleaner, and I primarily use that for most messes / floors, etc. But for any big messes in the kitchen I definitely prefer this recipe, while using my vinegar cleaner as a chaser! It really cuts the grease without requiring as much elbow 😉

  1. When I had my first breast cancer I was in bed when I heard a voice saying “Hello”. It was my neighbor saying “I have come to sweep your kitchen. There she stood with her broom, a pot of soup and a loaf of her homemade bread. She made my day.

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