Cloud Dough (and Playdough)


So have you all seen this “cloud dough” circulating on Pinterest? I tried it with my son today, and it was so much fun! It is basically flour with oil that creates a wonderfjl fluffy textured dough that you can mould to a degree. A great sensory play activity, and when combined with essential oils can be used therapeutically as well!

Here’s the recipe:

8 parts all purpose flour
1 part liquid vegetable oil
8 drops essential oil of choice per cup or so of flour (we chose lavender for it’s calming qualities)
1-2 parts powdered tempera paint for added colour

In a very large bowl or the container you are planning to store it in, measure out your flour. Next, drop the essential oil (if using) into the unit you are using to measure your liquid oil. Add the oil, and then pour that mixture into the flour. Mix it in with a spoon, and then your hands until the oil is evenly distributed. It will always be chunky / crumbly in nature, but there shouldn’t be any ‘wet’ chunks that are mostly oil.

And go to town! While your kiddo has fun shaping and feeling the dough, they will also enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the oil that you choose. Take a look at AromaWeb for some info on the qualities of different oils.

Oh. And you may have a mess afterwards. In case that wasn’t obvious ;). Put down a towel!

Looking for a traditional playdough recipe? Well I’ve got the one we’ve been using for you here as well. It is a fantastic recipe that turns out great every time (sorry this one does NOT work great in ‘parts’ – feel free to double it, it works fine!):


When I say stir constantly, I mean constantly. If you stop stirring, your dough will get hard, crunchy spots. Stir until it gets to the (even) consistency you would expect from playdough. It will get pretty sticky and intense to stir, get ready for a forearm workout ;).

This stuff keeps for ages because of the salt and tea tree oil. Ours had been going for three months before I made a fresh batch. That being said though, to be safe, toss it if anyone really really sick has been playing with it! But it shouldn’t really go “bad” very fast, it’s likely to be left out and accidentally hardened first ;).

That also being said, you can always knead in a bit more water and oil to an older batch to liven it up a bit!

Hope you enjoy your sensory play with the kiddos!

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