I bought my domain – Let’s have another giveaway!


So I finally bought my domain. Wahoo! Big step. But now I really need to make some income so my hubby feels like it’s money well spent. Can you help me spread the word about my blog & business? If you can get my facebook page to 200 likes, I will give away a summer skincare set of some chocolate peppermint body butter, a bug repellent SPF 25 sunscreen, and a lavender face & body scrub.

I will run this giveaway through Rafflecopter as well, through the link below (if it’s not up yet, come back in a few minutes)! You will earn 1 entry for liking DIY Jayne on Facebook, 1 for tweeting about it, and another for following my Twitter account. PLEASE enter through the Rafflecopter link, as I use this tool to randomly and fairly choose a winner. If you don’t use the rafflecopter link and follow the instructions there, you won’t be entered.

Share with your friends to spread the word, and keep on DIY-ing! The winner will be announced when we hit 200 likes on Facebook 🙂


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