Multipurpose Skin Ointment


Way back when I promised you my ointment recipe. I wanted to really give it a good test before putting it out there. I just LOVE this ointment for our family’s skin issues. This recipe is a very effective balm for lots of problems, such as: eczema, psoriasis, generally chapped skin, rashes, mild burns – try it for anything!**

Melt together, stirring constantly, in a double boiler on medium-low heat (see my FAQ for an explanation of double boiling):

1 part coconut oil
1 part beeswax pellets (organic, preferably)
1 part cocoa butter

Remove from heat, wait to cool for about 3 minutes while still stirring, and then mix in (per 3 tbsp or so of base ingredients):
15 drops cedarwood essential oil*
15 drops rosemary essential oil*

*Please make sure you are using high quality oils, as pure as possible, to get their maximum benefits. A few highly reputable companies are doTERRA, Young Living, and Mountain Rose Herbs.

Pour / spoon into desired container immediately and allow to cool, in the fridge if desired. Should be good to remove in about 5 minutes. Finished product will be somewhat hard – use a fingernail to remove some and soften between fingertips when applying. Can be applied to the face as well (I use it a lot in the creases of my nose) but MAY be pore clogging if used in excess, due to the high beeswax content. Keep applying as often as needed until the issue resolves!

If you are breastfeeding, apply the balm with some of your freshly expressed breast milk, and you will get brilliant results. Breast milk is a fabulous tonic for the skin!

**For pimples / acne related issues, do not apply this balm – it may aggravate the issue by preventing the oils in the pimple to escape. Instead, try using my deodorant recipe to treat a fresh pimple – it will dry it out really well. Apply a thick coating of it directly to the pimple and allow to sit overnight.

Hope this does wonders for your skin troubles! I also sell this balm if you can’t make it yourself. Drop me a line and we can arrange for local pickup!

2 thoughts on “Multipurpose Skin Ointment

  1. Looks buttery – I want to eat it! I have psoriasis and would love to try this. Where would one buy beeswax pellets by the way – and are there any substitutes? Can a dollop of vaseline suffice? I live on an island country and would find procuring it rather troublesome, even with air freight (my last package from the US took 6 months to reach here!).

    • Hi! Depending on where you are, most soap making type shops will have them, if there are any of those near you. I can’t recommend vaseline, as it is a petroleum product and generally not good for your health. If you have access the cocoa butter, you could do half cocoa butter and half coconut oil, and leave out the wax. It’s hard to find a sub for the beeswax that has the same quality, and yet is sustainable / non-GMO / non-toxic – It does add a thickness and moisture retainment quality, like a sealant, to the recipe, so if you can get it, I would try!

      If you can find soy or carnuba wax, you could try those, using half the amount, and increasing the heat in the double boiler. But they are def. not as helpful as the beeswax.

      If you do end up ordering it online, I use New Directions Aromatics.

      Hope that helps :).

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