Cranberry Pecan Rice Pudding with Chia & Turmeric


Mmmmmm…..rice pudding. Something our family has really started to enjoy since doing a gluten free phase in our diet. After seeing one on the dessert menu at a favourite restaurant, I thought I would try my own twist on this classic dish for a hearty, gluten free breakfast idea! Here’s the recipe:


The chia adds a protein kick, along with the healthy saturated fats in the coconut milk and butter to get your brain going. That’s right! I said healthy saturated fats – you need these in your diet to keep your nervous system functioning (among other things)! Don’t overdo it, of course, everything in moderation – but these are important for your diet, despite what mainstream dietitians following the ASD might say. The turmeric and cinnamon are excellent anti-inflammatories – you might just get some pain relief from this recipe, too! And the molasses will add lots of natural vitamins and minerals to your meal.

Feel free to sub coconut oil for the butter and just double the molasses instead of adding honey if you would like to go vegan. Also, raisins go just fine if you don’t have cranberries handy, and most nuts will do! I do, however, warn against subbing for chia, as it is very important for the consistency of this recipe. Substitute this at your own risk 😉

Hope you enjoy – my toddler just gobbles this up. It’s become a family favourite!

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