I am a stay at home Momma living in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, with a mission: Making my home toxin / chemical free through simplifying my cleaning, body & cosmetic products. I am looking to share my knowledge of the DIY world through my blog, through hosting DIY parties for groups , or offering individual consulting for those looking to learn how to clean and take care of their body without the use of commercially produced specific products. You can learn to clean your home, and pamper your bod through only keeping a small selection of basic and naturally sourced ingredients in your home. Let me teach you!

Part of my vision also includes reducing and eliminating buying things in plastic containers so I choose to shop locally and buy my ingredients in bulk at places like The Soap Dispensary and The Homesteaders Emporium. You just can’t recycle things like toothpaste and hand cream tubes – and recycling isn’t the solution anyway, when you can just eliminate the need for buying certain products!

Athough I am currently unable to completely source all my ingredients organically, I am 100% committed to finding non-GMO and organic alternatives to all of my ingredients when possible, and I encourage you to do the same! One ingredient that has been particularly challenging is white vinegar. I still have not found a remotely affordable non-GMO source for this, but talks are in the works! Anything “organic” should by default be GMO free, so I make organic choices when available, and look for the Non-GMO Project Verified seal when not. I will keep you updated with available organic and non-GMO choices in my In Your Cupboard page.

You may notice that many of my recipes are simple, and have less “flair” than many you might see. Although I could easily be whipping up recipes with more exotic ingredients like sweet almond oil, apricot extracts, rose petals (and certainly I do experiment with these sorts of things) – my vision here is making things simple for you, with ingredients that are generally easy to find. I want you to discover how easy it can be for you to DIY for your home, rather than throw complicated recipes at you with ingredients you will have to hunt down. I only include hard to find ingredients when I find them irreplaceable to the functionality of the product I am making – or if I receive a request from you!

Oh, and you might find some scrumptious EATABLE recipes here too, as part of my DIY mindset includes quality home cooking for my family. Read: less processed food! Enjoy 🙂

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Please email me at contact@diyjayne.com for any additional questions, or if interested in booking a DIY party or consult!

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