Interested in de-toxifying your home or small business? Looking for some coaching as to how you might do so in a cost effective manner by making your own, (or having Jayne make for you) personalized toxin free household cleaners, bath and body products? Contact Jayne to arrange a consult!

What this will look like:

Jayne will visit and check out the products you are currently using. I can educate you on which products and ingredients are the most toxic, and:

A) Teach you how to make and replace these products with very simple DIY recipes (recommended), OR
B) Make the replacement products for you.

Any products Jayne teaches you to make come with the corresponding recipe cards, and product containers.

Pricing starts with a base rate of $50 per hour for individual consulting. Consultation appointments would be charged at a two hour minimum. If you are wanting to learn to make and take home products with Jayne as part of your consult (recommended), additional pricing will apply, and will vary depending on which products you are interested in making, and the complexity and cost of ingredients in these recipes.

For example, if during an individual consult you were wanting to learn to make toothpaste, I would add a $25 fee for sourcing and providing materials for a one time demonstration and individual product sale. If you were wanting me to provide you with bulk materials for long term use, I would source it for you and provide you with a pricing quote for each material, along with a 15% finders fee, on top of the $25 demo and sale cost. A toothpaste demo would take 30 minutes of your total appointment time.

If you wanted to make multiple recipes per session, additional cost would depend on additional ingredients required. Please contact me at with your inquiries and for a detailed quote!

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