DIY Parties

Want to save money, and create a healthier home environment without all the harsh toxins in commercial bath, body & cleaning products? Interested in some hands on learning on how to make your own cleaning, bath and beauty products for your home? Know some friends who you think might be interested? Looking for a unique group get together or shower idea? Want to convince your friends and family to green clean? Host your own DIY party with Jayne! Let’s learn together how EASY it can be to DIY and replace all those expensive, and often toxic or carcinogenic products that you use on your home and body.

Each party requires that there be a minimum of three guests, plus a hosting fee of $30 for parties under seven (which you can divide between your guests if you like). Parties of seven or more are able have the hosting fee waived, and the host receives a special gift package.

All party packages include recipe cards for each guest, product containers, printed labels for your containers, and the products you have created to take home. In the interest of sustainability, guests who bring their own containers will receive a 10% discount.. Parties will last anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on which products you choose to make.

You can customize your party in several ways.

1). Choose a set theme with a set price. Themes to choose from are (moving up in price and complexity further along the list):

A). Cleaning your home naturally – Looking to ditch commercial cleaners from your home? Jayne will demonstrate and show you how to make three affordable, basic home cleaners. We will talk about how and when to use each, where to find your supplies, and you will take home a recipe card for each. $25 per person.
B). Dish soaps and laundry detergents – Together we will talk about and make our own laundry detergent, dishwasher powder, and dish soap. Get your clothes and dishes clean without those harsh toxins! $30 per person.
C). Toothpaste, deodorant, and body scrubs – Tired of those toxins in your mouth and body wash regimen? We will make our own toothpaste, deodorant and face / body scrubs together and take home some of each. $40 per person.
D). Lotions and balms – Does your skin need some toxin free love? Looking for a lovely lip balm? In a more complex workshop, Jayne will teach you how to make body butters, lip balms, and a non clogging facial moisturizer. $50 per person .
E). Sunscreen & ointment – These two recipes are Jayne’s most complex. But you will be well rewarded when you no longer have to purchase those incredibly expensive natural sunscreens (that often get all gunky before you can even use the whole bottle). Jayne sources non nano zinc oxide for her sunscreen, the safest form for your body. $60 per person.
F). DIY for Babies – Together we will talk about and make diaper balm, washable wipes and / or bum spray, and simple alternatives to commercial baby wash / oil. Jayne can also talk about and demonstrate cloth diapering, and how to wash your diapers without leaving toxic residues to irritate your baby’s skin! $50 per person.

2). You choose two or three recipes you would like to see demonstrated and have your guests take home. Please contact me for a price quote. These recipes include (but are not limited to):

All purpose spray disinfectant
Abrasive tub / toilet cleaner
Bug balm / bug spray repellent
De-greasing / kitchen spray
Dishwasher powder
Dishwashing liquid
Laundry detergent
Body butters
Facial moisturizer
Facial scrub
“No-poo” hair wash / rinse
Hair conditioning bar
Diaper balm
Diaper spray / Wet wipe solution
All purpose ointment
Natural sunscreen
After sun spray
Lip balm / cuticle cream
Personal scents (using essential oils)
If you have other product needs, please contact Jayne and she will let you know if she has options available for you.

3). Product sampling and purchase – Your final option is to host a party where Jayne brings a wide array of her products to sample and for your guests to purchase. Jayne will not do any recipe demonstrations with this option, but will speak to the qualities and ideas behind each product and its ingredients. If your guests like the products, throw them another party to teach them how to make their favourites! This option is $30 per person.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver area are interested in booking a DIY party with Jayne, please contact her for availability at, or use the form below:

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