Homemade Products

So you love the idea of naturally sourced, non-toxic products, but don’t have the time to DIY? Let Jayne make your products for you. In the interest of sustainability, when at all possible, I request that you provide the containers, and I provide the product. If not, no biggie, I can source containers for you. This option is currently only available for local customers in the Greater Vancouver area. Pick-up / refill at my place of residence. If this is something that interests you, these are the products I would be able to make for you:

All purpose spray disinfectant
Abrasive tub / toilet cleaner
De-greasing / kitchen spray
Dishwasher powder
Dishwashing liquid
Laundry detergent
Liquid hand soap / body wash
Body butters
Face lotion
Facial scrub
“No-poo” hair wash / rinse
Diaper balm
Diaper spray / Wet wipe solution
All purpose ointment
Natural sunscreen
After sun spray
Bug spray
Bug balm
Lip balm / cuticle cream
Personal scents (using essential oils)

Please contact me via email at contact@diyjayne.com or using the form below if you are interested in arranging a custom order for local pickup!

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