DIY Products and Temperature Shift – How to Deal.

So if you’re new to DIY products (especially for your bod) and you’re experiencing the summer heat, you may be noticing your creations are not handling the heat well. That’s ok – I don’t always handle the heat well either, but I have lots of tricks to help my body cope – and good news: you can help your body butter cope, too. Here are a few of the tips I have up my sleeve:

1). Some recipes can benefit from a higher ratio of solid / higher temperature withstanding ingredients. For your body butter, you may consider greatly increasing your ratio of cocoa butter, which holds a solid state at a much higher temperature than coconut oil, or adding a bit of beeswax to the mix. For your toothpaste, you may want to increase your baking soda content by a tablespoon or so. Play with your recipes a bit to get the mix that works for you.

2). Experiment with changing your location of storage. Some rooms in your house might be hotter than others, maybe you can keep your product in a downstairs bathroom if it is cooler there? Even switching the product from your countertop to under the sink might be enough to make the difference. On the extreme end, you may just want to keep it in the fridge. However, this can cause it’s own problems for texture – some things you just don’t want to be rock solid. For this problem, I recommend either:
A). Popping your products in the fridge from the time after your hygeine / beauty routine til about 8 hours beforehand, and then taking them out again, to soften up until you start your routine again (for example, if you have a morning routine, refrigerate the items during the day, and then take them out to sit overnight to be malleable for the morning) OR
B). Keep a lunch cooler bag in your bathroom with an ice pack in it. I have done this in my hot bathroom, and it works like a charm. Just don’t forget to change out your ice pack!

3). Just use your recipe in liquid form, or try an alternate liquid recipe. For example, you could use my glycerin based spray on moisturizer for your skin in replace of a body butter. However, even if your body butter turns to body oil, it still works just as awesome, it’s just not as fun to apply. Consider transferring it to a squeeze bottle, or just using plain old olive oil out of a squeezer instead if you are worried about the mixture solidifying in there again.

Out and about with some sunscreen or another product in danger of melting? Keep a freezer pack in your bag with it. Have a product that’s already separated or melted? Not to fear, just mix it again as per the directions in the recipe, and refrigerate or freeze to harden prior to leaving it out again to soften to workability. The only thing that might need adjustment is the essential oil content – you may want to freshen your oils up by adding a few extra drops when you re-mix, as extreme temperature changes and additional processing can cause them to evaporate off a bit.

I hope this helps with your temperature troubles!

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Chocolate body butter, yum!


Ok, so you don’t eat this lotion. I mean, you could, but it would NOT taste like it smells. Anyway, ready for a yummy smelling lotion that will deeply moisturize your winter scathed skin? A lotion that is super easy to make, and does NOT need to be refrigerated like many fresh lotions? I’ve got one for you with only THREE ingredients!

What you will need:

6 parts coconut oil
4 parts cocoa butter
1 part olive oil

Set yourself up for double boiling your ingredients. Please see my FAQ if you need an explanation of this process!

Add the coconut oil and cocoa butter to your double boiler. Stir until completely melted.
Put the mixture in your freezer for 10-12 minutes until it partially solidifies, as in picture 3. Remove from freezer and whip on medium speed with your electric hand mixer until i starts to get fluffy, then gradually drizzle in the olive oil until it comes together with peaks as in picture 4 – stop adding olive oil when it reaches the desired consistency. And you’re done! Transfer some to a mason jar or other container, and you can keep in your bathroom for as long as these oils would keep on your shelf*. But I doubt it will last that long!

Don’t forget to leave some skin exposed to slather on the excess from your beaters! I can’t bear to let any of this lovely stuff go to waste. And look out for chocolate hungry husbands… will smell so delicious, you might get a nibble!

*If you find your mixture solidifies or returns to an oily state, simply remove from your container and re-whip, and you should be good to go again! It still works just as well in an unwhipped state, but is simply easier to apply when light and fluffy.