Jayne’s recipes are generally completely safe, and lot of them use food grade ingredients. However, as with trying any new products, there are some cautionary guidelines you need to follow!

1). Always spot test!. As with any new product, you want to give it a test before you slather your entire body – or heritage hardwood floor – with it. Although natural, some of my ingredients are abrasive in nature, and some things like vinegar may strip certain finishes. Also, some of my body products may cause the occasional allergic reaction, as even though they are natural and non toxic, sometimes our bodies don’t like them. Essential oils should especially be used with caution, as they are vey potent and can cause reactions if applied directly to the skin and not diluted in some way. I am not responsible for any reactions that may occur, so please take precautions for yourself. If you find you do have an issue with a product, please do let me know and I will see if I can come up with a reasonable alternative for you!

2). A few ingredients should be kept in a secure cupboad , as if consumed in large quantities, they may be harmful. They are generally completely benign when used in the methods suggested, but are simply not for tummies. These ingredients are: borax, washing soda, and any soap products. If you decide to try zinc oxide additional caution is due – wear a protective covering over your nose and mouth when mixing it in, as it can be harmful if inhaled in large quantities. It is the safest (in my opinion) active ingredient for natural sunscreen, but it definitely should not be consumed, and it should not be inhaled.

3). Do your research before altering or adding additional ingredients to my recipes!. Again, although my ingredients are largely non toxic in nature, natural reactions can occur between some things that can be very harmful. Please, research your alterations or email me your questions about whether in my opinion your changes are ok. I will do my best to research it for you – but please, I am not responsible for your final decision!

One major combination of ingredients to avoid:. DO NOT MIX BLEACH WITH VINEGAR! I do not use bleach in my household because it is extremely toxic. But if you choose to, absolutely do NOT mix it with vinegar! You will create chlorine gas which is DEADLY at certain concentrations! I am absolutely serious about this, so please take this warning as serious as I do.

Please let me know if there are any specific warnings I should add to my list if you encounter something. Otherwise, happy DIY-ing!

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